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mystery trailing daisy - ID please


By Romneya

Angus, Scotland Sco

This is a cracking plant that is very easy to grow from cuttings. The stems are woody and the leaves form on the stem in clusters with a big leaf and two small ones coming from the same point. Its nearly evergreen. The main flush of flowers is in June and July shen its just covered. Now there is only an occasional bloom. Each flower head is about an inch in diameter. I've put a bit of paper behing the branch to show the leaf and flower shape better. Hope you can help....




Certainly not one of the "African Daisies". Looks Australian in origin to me. Might be a sub-shrubby Brachycombe maybe. Sounds a really good plant too. I will investigate......

21 Sep, 2009


Cheers Fractal,
Its got me beat. Its been through about 5 winters with me and some seriously cold weather and gales. I think it would have to have been from Tasmania or south Island NZ. Most native australians aren't too happy here apart from Darren in the rugby club but that's another story.....

21 Sep, 2009


Mutisia, either clematis or ilicifolia.

21 Sep, 2009


Not quite right for Mutisia either Owdboggy. I am familiar with quite a number of species in that genus too. Good call all the same.

21 Sep, 2009

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