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what can I use this for??


By Usernut

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I got some of these from my wifes work, they,re quite large and made of thick plastic. is there anything I could use them for in the garden? they seem like mini greenhouse things or cloches.




I would say they will be ideal for seeds and you say like a mini greenhouse. just make sure you keep the seeds & cuttings watered.

21 Sep, 2009


Certainly 'potentially useful' and worth bringing home. You have already made the two obvious suggestions. How about burying one in the ground as a small water feature?

21 Sep, 2009


I could get two full seed trays under each one. could they cover tender or young plants over winter? into their permenant postion now?

I have 3 large thick tubes of the same material which i,m going to make a water feature with.

21 Sep, 2009


Can you drill large holes in them and paint with a coloured paint (like stained glass) they would make very unusual planters standing on the same coloured feet?

21 Sep, 2009


They could cover tender plants over the winter, but is there a lid you can prop open a bit for airflow on milder days?

21 Sep, 2009


some good ideas there..
theres no lid on them (they originaly stood on plinths for shop displays).
I saw those victorian bell jars but not sure what they used them for and thought these could be used to the same effect.

21 Sep, 2009


I think you would get your hands snapped off for victorian bell jars? They were used to protect plants. I have a smallish modern one I use to cover food looks great.

21 Sep, 2009

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