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Do ferns grow all year round? What did I do wrong? Mine died within a few months of planting them.



Some do and some don't, Mona. As a generalision, most house-plant ferns come from semi-tropical regions and are evergreen. The outdoor ones tend to be herbaceous and die back in October/November.

23 Nov, 2012


many ferns prefer dappled shade and moist soil. I have many fully hardy outdoor ferns that are decidous so die down in the autumn and re-emerge in spring. I aslo have some that are in leaf all year.

Do you still have the labels from the ferns you grew? if so add their names to the comment box under this question. What type of soil do you have? where in the garden, sun/shade etc did you plant them?

If you bought the plants from a garden centre I would go back and ask them if they can offer you replacement plants. Many places do offer a guarantee if the plant fails despite following all the instructions.

23 Nov, 2012


There were no labels. The ferns were a gift from a friend that I grew in a pot at home.

23 Nov, 2012


Usual reason for Fern failure in a pot is dryness around the leaves. They have little protection for the cells and need a damp atmosphere to stop the fronds from drying out. Even if kept well watered they can still desiccate.
Other thing which can and does kill them...the dreaded Vine weevil grubs.

23 Nov, 2012


They aren't very forgiving if you miss a watering, either.

24 Nov, 2012


OK.. I'll try growing them afresh keeping your advices in mind. Thanks:)

24 Nov, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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