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Fleece In a Greenhouse?


By Sprog

NP26, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am a greenhouse novice and looking for some guidance on what I can do in an unheated greenhouse over winter. I am going to look at the price of fleece in the garden centres and have an idea to line the whole greenhouse with fleece - if it's not too expensive. What can I do in the winter in it then? Can I overwinter some tender plants or do I have to wrap them individually? Can I start seeds off earlier in the season than I would normally? Or what other uses can I make of a cold greenhouse? Any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks in advance to anyone who could help.



Welcome to GOY Sprog
~I think heavyweight bubble wrap lining will be much better than fleece if it is a large glass greenhouse .
I over winter exotics like Strelitzia in my greenhouse but I have a heater which keeps the temperature to about 10 degrees.
Even if it is unheated it will still be marginally warmer than outside and if you cover tender plants with a layer of heavyweight fleece~try ebay you will get heavier weight stuff~they will be much better off.If you buy plastic propagators with lids you will be able to get seeds and plugs started earlier~sit them on a layer of insulation on the bench and perhaps cover them overnight if the temperature drops really low.
If you can get a small heater it will increase your options considerably.

21 Sep, 2009


Thank you so much ARLENE for the good advice. I'm going to start pricing up the bubble wrap and fleece. I buy quite a bit on eBay but the postage kills it. Fleece would be light though. I might try a heater again. About 20 years ago I had a paraffin heater and I set fire to the greenhouse!! I've been nervous ever since (so is my Husband when I mention heaters!!). This time I won't tell him. At least I'm not so worried about doing things since I have found this lovely site and can ask questions. Many thanks to everyone.

22 Sep, 2009


~I have a small electric heater that wasn't expensive to buy,Homebase I think, as paraffin tends to put out a lot of moisture and here in Wales we don't really need that do we?!!!
The bubblewrap will also be more hard wearing
The fleece is better bought by the metre as those jackets are too thin~also if necessary you can double or triple etc if you know the temperature will be low overnight.
I had a look on ebay and this one for 30gsm fleece is not bad
Item no180164029308..
Don't buy it from Wyevale off the roll as it is too thin to use on its own but if you willing to use it double it will save postage.Any thing else I can do to help just ask!

22 Sep, 2009


I have a lot of tender plants,which cannot be left out during winter.
I lined my greenhouse with bubblewrap,then my hubby built an internal greenhouse with lengths of 2inch by 2 inch wood 6ft by 3ft long and we drawing pinned sections of fleece to the wood so it could be. lifted and secured during sunny days.
so it was really like a very big fleece box within the greenhouse.
I did not lose a thing,we bought the fleece from staples(office supplies) and the outlay was under £30

22 Sep, 2009


I have to say that bubblewrapping a greenhouse can cause botrytis unless you are very vigilant and ventilate frequently. I did it for many years and it drove me nuts - especially the installation with those dratted got easier when I thought to use clothes pegs instead. LOL However I then invested in a bench "electric blanket" from Two West and Elliots and I lay that the complete length of my bench and keep my "specials" on it so that they get nice gentle bottom heat - and then throw a layer of fleece over them on chilly nights. With a solar extractor and thermostatically controlled vents and louvres - I can leave it for a day or two unattended if needs be. To complete the control - I have an electric heater which I leave on "Frost guard" and so far - no condensation to cause rot etc and no plant losses of things that matter! That electric blanket then serves to start off all my seeds etc when I am of a mind to begin the new all...the best investment i ever made and has long since paid itself as electric heating is wickedly expensive.

22 Sep, 2009


Thanks so much for the advice on my greenhouse / fleece / frostproofing. I will be taking it all on board. So sorry if I am not particularly active on this site at the moment. Hubby is really poorly and I spend most of my time caring for him. I can't wait until 7th Oct. when we take him to Papworth Hospital. Fingers crossed for him.
Thanks to everyone on this site for keeping my mind happily occupied when I sit down and enjoy reading all the interesting comments and lovely pics. It is a real boost.

23 Sep, 2009


Sorry to hear that your hubby is poorly Sprog. Best wishes to you both, and hope all goes well at Papworth x

23 Sep, 2009


hope your husband gets well soon x

23 Sep, 2009


I am sure I speak for all of us on GOY when I - like Crazydi - wish you and your husband all the best at Papworth.
They do a wonderful job there - and if anybody can help - they can.
Cheers to you both x

23 Sep, 2009


Oh, thank you all so very much for your good wishes. We are hoping for good things once we get to Papworth.
Thank you all for your support and friendship.
Lynda (Sprog the Mog is my Cat).

25 Sep, 2009

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