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This 'weed' seems to pop up everywhere. Each one has a straight root. Could someone please identify the weed and
suggest the best way to take care of it?

Thank you.




Equisetum arvense or Mare's Tail. It is about as hard to get rid of as relatives at Christmas. Weedkiller does not work easily (on the plant, it might on the kin). There are plenty of threads on here about it.

23 Nov, 2012


If you damage the shoots by crushing them gently weedkiller goes into the tissues better, apparently. But it's been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth so it's going nowhere fast! Your only hope is to keep it under control by pulling and digging it out whenever you see it. Sorry.

23 Nov, 2012


There is an effective weed killer for this weed but it is very expensive

I've written of my experiences with it here

23 Nov, 2012


Try rubbing alcohol. It is used usually because it helps to draw water out and helps to evaporate it quickly. So if you use it on a weed, it should do the same thing. Remember though that it will kill any plant it comes in contact with.
Good luck.

24 Nov, 2012


I have found double-strength weedol-type glyphosate applications will do the trick above soil level, but getting rid of the underground bits is always going to be a problem - trying to pull or dig them out means snapping bits off underground, and these will always send up new plants. Better to keep to weedkiller applications, I think, however ecologically uncomfortable that may seem. It does seem to weaken the whole plant eventually.

24 Nov, 2012


The weed you have is Horsetail, Marestail being an aquatic plant. There is a chemical called 'Kurtail' was 'Kibosh' which the manufacturer maintains is certain to do the job. If you Google the site, all will be revealed.

28 Nov, 2012


Haven't heard of that one, Jimmy - I shall google it immediately. Very useful if it works.

28 Nov, 2012


Kurtail is the one I was referring to when I gave a link to my experiences above

Here's the link again where I talk at some length about eradicating mares tail

28 Nov, 2012

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