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Where can I buy Caryota mitis (fishtail palm) in London


By Sofat

Pinner Harrow, United Kingdom Gb

I would like to buy this plant



I've just googled suppliers for this plant, and I only found one and it was online, but in Australia. Try the RHS website - they should have a plantfinder section, they certainly do a book that's called the Plantfinder, and see if they know of a supplier in Britain, never mind London. From what I've read, this plant is easily raised from seed, so if all else fails, you could try growing your own if you can find the seeds.

22 Sep, 2009 (or .com)

Based in Ham in London. Huge choice there! Worth a go! Mail order and open to public

22 Sep, 2009


Ah, I knew there was a palm centre somewhere, Nicky, but when I googled it, I got The Palm Centre alright, but it turned out to be somewhere selling hand held technical devices, like palm pilots, mobile phones, etc.!

22 Sep, 2009


Its the website but not THE palm centre! Although Sofat may of discovered that if they've tried it!

24 Sep, 2009

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