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How & When to move my Hydrangea Quercifolia


By Lucymac

United Kingdom Gb

I was given my Quercifolia about 10/11 years ago when it was under a foot high and have re-potted it a few times, as it's grown (now standing at just over 5 feet high). I now want to plant it out in my garden, partly as I can't afford to buy another pot and the current one is falling apart! Any tips on where (soil-wise and where NOT to - I know it likes full sun and/or partial shade) and when would be very gratefully received.



You can do it now - needs partial shade, don't plant it anywhere east facing, likes moisture retentive soil which has been enriched with well rotted manure or compost of some kind, preferably in a sheltered spot. Don't forget to water well after planting, and if its been in a pot that long, you'll need to tease out the coiled roots - if its impacted (rootbound), you need to gently rake out the rootball (I do it with my fingers) to get the rootball a bit more open to encourage the plant to put roots out into the soil.

22 Sep, 2009


That's really helpful thanks Bamboo, especially the advice to tease out the coiled roots.

22 Sep, 2009


I'm usually pretty rough with the rootball, but hesitate to suggest that, in case you think I mean tear it to ribbons, which I don't! But you do have to be quite firm...

22 Sep, 2009

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