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best economical evergreen hedge to plant in aberdeenshire

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live in cuminstown near turriff



The direct answere to your question, Andrea is Cupressocyparis leylandii but it comes a a great health warning! It is a rapid grower and, without good care, can become a nuisance, particularly to your neighbour. Keep it well trimmed and it will make a fine hedge.
Your big problem in Cuminstown is the wind (I bet its blowing a hooly right now!) so you might consider a thorn hedge. Not strictly evergreen but it will hold a lot of its leaves through winter and is more attractive than leylandii.
Be interesting to see what Bscott suggests.

22 Sep, 2009


One of the nicest I think is either Cotoneaster franchettii or Cotoneaster simondsii, both hardy and will tolerate coastal aspects well and they clip into very dense hedges of moderate height and quite quick too.

22 Sep, 2009

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