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is this the plant of which the leaves curl up when touched.


By Marzahn

South Africa Za

I would like to know if the milianthus is the plant I am looking for. I read about the smell it gives off,but it is not mentioned that the leaves curl up when touched. I also want to know if there are two types of curry bush.

On plant Melianthus comosus



The only plant I know that curls its leaves when touched is Mimosa. Not sure about the curry bush, I'm afraid.

22 Sep, 2009


I am thinking of the venus fly trap, i'm probably way of the mark here.

22 Sep, 2009


I grow melianthus major, the leaves of which smell of peanuts when brushed, but they do not curl up when touched. The leaves of M.comosus look similar.

The only curry plant I know is helichrysum italicum subsp serotinum

22 Sep, 2009


Mimosa pudica is the sensitivity plant. when you touch the leaf they close up and then the whole stem will droop. it then takes up wards of 30 mins to recover.

22 Sep, 2009


Mimosa pudica

is the Sensitive Plant that curls up immediately and folds practically flat if bashed.
But dies if touched to regularly and only likes warm frost free environments

22 Sep, 2009


Just search Pet TickleMe Plant if you want to grow the most interactive house plant in the world that suddenly curls its fern like leaves when Tickled

28 Oct, 2011

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