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how to grow hazelnuts

I have a hazelnut plant the last 2 years and there is no sign of fruit on it. I read some where that you need two plants for this to happen is this true or am I doing somthing wrong. The plant was 1 year old when i got it.



This plant prefers stony/poor ground if you give it too rich a soil it will have bushy growth with few nuts
Can be slow to establish but will then take off - takes a couple of years. I replanted mine in poor soil, never fed it and it flourished. Plenty of nuts and we only had one tree.

22 Sep, 2009


A two year old plant is too young to nut. As Drc says, it can take a few seasons before they start. My gran had a single tree (I think it was Kentish Cob) and it was prolific.

Male catkins in spring, pre-formed towards the end of the previous season on the shoot tips will show you when it's going to fruit/nut. The female flowers only emerge as tiny red filaments/styles out of the expanding buds in spring and can be hard to see.

23 Sep, 2009


Our Hazel hedge (which is never cut) has been in for about 10 years, never had a nut on any of them either. Now both the twisted and the golden one do produce nuts, but they did take a fair number of years to do it.
Reading up on Hazel as we want a fruiting one, it seems that there are some varieties which do not like a cold spot, expecially the most prolific one, Butler.

23 Sep, 2009


Mine is a kentish Cob Nut never grown very big as trees go, never touch it but I suppose its sheltered? I got the imformation on how to grow mine from the Kentish Cob Nuts association which I think was relatively new at that time.

23 Sep, 2009


Thanks for all your replys. Can you tell me if they can grow in continers or are they best in the ground.

26 Sep, 2009


Afraid I dont know that Biddy, but they get to 15ft by 10ft across - need to protect from too much wind to get the nuts

26 Sep, 2009

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