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when is it best to plant pond marginal plants

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

Such as Arum Lilies and Irises



I went to buy some last week and none could I find! It seems April to September is the time - so a bit late now. Best time apparently spring to mid summer.

23 Sep, 2009


Thank you Drc726
You've saved me a lot of time on the browser
I'm having trouble locating and buying them so that's the reason

23 Sep, 2009


Spring is really the best time as it gives the plants time to 'settle in' to their new home

23 Sep, 2009


I love my pond Frankallen - all sorts of wild life just come and go. We have had a three legged frog for some years we think he's male because he stays in the bottom of the pond in the winter. We have never seen frogs spawn but always have lots of frogs and the newts are so cute to watch swimming.

23 Sep, 2009


pond plants go in pond antime but in wonter best at bottom sume plants like arum. iris not matter.
my frend has a small bit of wood that flaps on watre in winter to stop ice. is good, but small lectric.

23 Sep, 2009


Welcome Derekf floating wood to stop freezing sounds a good idea. I float a ball on mine to do the same thing. You only need a small hole to let the gases out so if mine freezes I pour boiling water till I have a small hole right the way through the ice.

23 Sep, 2009


thank drc726. my first qwelcome. my frend use ball but it freezes. he nade his wood and it good now. i not do.

23 Sep, 2009

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