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Scented pelargonium....
I took my lemon scented pelargonium indoors for the winter. It's in the coldest room and I am keeping the compost 'just' moist - I'm hoping that's right - if not what is the correct procedure?
When I brought it in - I removed the last of the flowers and trimmed it back a bit. I put the stems I cut of into a couple of glasses of water and put them on the kitchen windowsill and hoped for the best.
Most of these now have a sort of cotton wool like root system - at what point do I pot them on? How long will they be able to stay in the water. I have nowhere really to keep cuttings going over winter and to be honest - I really didn't expect them to root.
Thanks in advance.



as long as the room stays frost free and has good light you are right to keep them on the dry side.
you can pot the cuttings on when ever you like or leave them in the water a bit longer.

24 Nov, 2012


I haven't much room for cuttings either,Scottish..but I potted my existing ones up from a tub,trimmed them back,and they have made lots of new growth already..I
shall take my cuttings in spring,so if yours fail,you could do the same..Mine are in an unheated Conservatory,with a minimum of long as they are frost free,they should be fine..

26 Nov, 2012


Thanks girls.....when I said cold - it should have read coldest room in house which is frost free.
I'll leave them for as long as practical - since not having anywhere to store them.
Thanks for tip re doing them again in springtime if they fail.
Thanks again

26 Nov, 2012


Same here,Scottish..just look on it as a posh unheated Greenhouse! Lol..I put mine on the window sills during the day,so they get the maximum light,and then on table,when I close the blinds..I've kept them going,no problem ,for the past three years :o)

26 Nov, 2012


Thanks Bloomer - I've moved it onto the window sill for more light.

29 Nov, 2012

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