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Ligularia dentata seeds


By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

I have collected all the seeds from my plant, which have dried out now for several days on kitchen paper. What should I do with them now, please?



I would check one or two seeds for viability (if you have plenty). Use you thumb nail or knife to slit one and see if there is a cream coloured inside. There should be two primordial cotyledons that fill this space. They store the initial food during germination before expanding into the first two seed leaves.

Almost all members of the Senecio group of daisies (including Ligularia) are notorious for being self-sterile. Typically, the ones that aren't include the weeds like Groundsel!!!

If you have only one plant, I am guessing that the seed will be empty. If you are lucky and have plump seed with said inside, it is probably a little late to sow now, so keep dry and cool until Feb/March and sow then.

24 Sep, 2009


David, sow some now in a pot of seed compost and leave outdoors over winter. Put the rest in a small paper packet in the fridge and sow next spring.

24 Sep, 2009


That sounds a good idea Bulbaholic. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

24 Sep, 2009


Thank You both for all this great advice. Fractal, none of the seeds (have plenty) seem to be particularly fat, and cannot find anything inside, so they may well be sterile, as you say. Might as well "have a go" anyway, as I have the seeds, and will try some now and some in Spring.

24 Sep, 2009

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