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why poor pea germination?

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Last Spring I sowed a packet of last years pea seeds(Onward) and had about 5 out of 100+ germinate. In panic I bought a new packet(Hurst Greenshaft) and sowed them in mid May. From a whole packet I had about 12 germinate. In each case I soaked the seeds overnight in paraffin to prevent mice eating them.



Soil condition? Or did they actually germinate and get eaten by slugs as they were emerging? This happened to a dwarf bean sowing of ours. Also how deeply did you plant the seeds? If they are planted too deeply the wont germinate. Lack of water during germination period. There are lots of possible reasons. We never soak anything in paraffin I don't think it is good for the soil.

24 Sep, 2009


I sowed about 4 lots - they were munched by weevils - the bane of my life. If you can, grow some in a greenhouse (I have one of those mini plastic ones) then they stand a better chance of survival. Let them get well established before you plant them in their eventual growing plot. I grew the dwarf ones - not too successful - so next spring I shall try the normal kind. Cover with netting or the pigeons will get them.

24 Sep, 2009


When I had a greenhouse, I always started my peas and beans in there, in "re-used" plastic drinks tumblers saved from the Christmas and New year parties. I sowed the seeds early April, and planted out first week in June - not so much to protect from frost as from the scathing, drying winds we seem to get now in April/May. By the time I planted out, the plants would be almost 2' tall, and had the height and root system (easily viewed through a transparent tumbler, which also lets you see if the roots are getting enough water) to cope with any weather/pests.

25 Sep, 2009

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