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hi do i need to takeout the things that have stopped growing now


By Boycie

surrey, United Kingdom Gb

My first year of growing veg.really pleased ,just dont know what to do now



Hi Boycie and welcome to GoY... we're a friendly bunch who love to natter! If your peas and beans are finished then cut off the stalks near the ground leaving the roots with their nitrogen nodules to return the nitrogen to the soil. Clean and tidy up any beds that no longer have crops in them, making sure you don't leave any vegetable matter around to rot as this can be the cause of diseases. Compost everything that is compostable. Your carrots, parsnips and turnips will be fine in the ground for at least another month - longer with the parsnips as they can stand being frosted and actually taste better once frosted (causes the starch to turn into sugar). Brassicas are also fine in the ground.
Not sure if this answers your question, if it doesn't ask some more...

24 Sep, 2009

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