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Plucking pines.
I recently read a book about training bonsai, and the author spent some pages on the art of plucking the needles off of Scotch pines, to force them to form many tiny shoots with miniature needles. Has anyone heard of using this technique on Afghan pine (Pinus eldarica), Aleppo pine (P. halapensis), or Italian stone pine (P. pinea)? Scotch pines simply won't grow here in the low desert, but the other species will. I did find some accounts of using this technique on Japanese black pine (P. thunbergiana), which also grows here, though with more difficulty. All info appreciated!

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I thought you were doing some 'sensitive alliteration' there. sorry I cant help with the pine plucking.

25 Nov, 2012


Thanks anyway, Sbg! The research that I have done so far seems to indicate that there is a need for research into these species' reaction to the process. My own experience indicates that decandling, which is another way of reducing the foliage on pines, results in juvenile foliage on these species, rather than reduced mature foliage. Maybe when my trees are older!

26 Nov, 2012

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