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armillatox for treating blackspot on roses

northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Which armillotax product should I use to spray and soak the ground



I don't know, I'm afraid but I'll be most interested to find out!
Someone told me banana skins are very good for warding off blackspot but I don't know whether you just drop them round the plants or rot them down or what. I expect some of our good friends on here will tell us!

24 Sep, 2009


if you go to your local garden centre they usually have it on sale there. Then you should :

1. After you have carried out your cosmetic pruning Nov/Dec and removed all the debris, go over the whole bed with a thorough drench of ARMILLATOX diluted with 50 parts of water to 1 part of the concentrate, using your watering can with the rose on. This drench will catch the spores before they are washed in with the winter rains.

2. When you do your hard pruning and cut then right back in February go over the woody subjects again with a 100:1 solution in order to sterilise the wounds and prevent die back.

copied from the Armillatox site..

24 Sep, 2009


Pennyfarthing....bananas are high in potassium. As they rot down they release this into the soil, Potassium has many functions: It guards the plant against diseases and aids in drought protection and cold tolerance. It also serves a role in improving root development and helps in the process of photosynthesis.
I've never heard of them protecting against black spot specifically.'
You can either add the bananas to your compost, add one to the bottom of the hole when planting a rose or dig one in around the drip line of the bush.
I give my roses bananas all the time. Or, at least, the banana skins.

25 Sep, 2009


I would recommend doing as Stevebuk's article says.Armatillox is 30% coal tar which has like so many other useful things been banned by 'our lord and masters the EU. jeyes Fluid has removed the same coal tar from it's well known product which is why I don't buy it any more. apparently it will cost Armatillox millions to get it's product approved for garden use which is why it's advertised as a patio cleaner. It's no coincidence that in days gone by when people burned coal, roses that were grown in the city were hardly affected by blackspot due to the effects of the smoke. coal tar/sulphur is bad for blackspot.

21 Oct, 2009

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