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When to prune Fuschia'sHello

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When to prune Fuschia's

Hello. I have a fuschia which is growing out of position. When is the correct time to do this? It has just stopped flowering. I believe it is a standard bush variety.

Also do fuschias need to cut down at all? Can they simply be left?


Fuscia_001 Fuscia_002



Hardy fuchsias no need to prune unless out of control .

A tidy up in Spring is fine before new growth.

Can you post a photo of your out of shape fuchsia to let us see.

25 Nov, 2012


Don't cut this time of year, just leave them alone. When spring begins, and you can see new growth, cut back to strong, healthy growth then. If the winter is a hard one, you may find the new growth is all at ground level, in which case, remove all the dead upper stems, and if the winter's been particularly hard, you may not see new growth till mid/late April or May.
Fuchsia experts recommend cutting to the ground in spring anyway, to force new, strong growth, rather than trimming back to where new leaves are coming, so its your choice really.

25 Nov, 2012


When you say its a standard bush do you mean a normal bush or do you mean its been grown as a standard, ie on a tall single stem with the plant at the top of it? If the latter it will not be hardy even if its a hardy variety and will need bringing in. If its just grown as a normal bush leave cutting back until spring. If you are very near the coast you may find the branches will re-leaf but even a few miles inland you will probably need to cut back to the ground when new growth starts. As Bamboo says, new growth from the ground is more vigorous anyway, and surprisingly Ive found that flowering will not be any later than if you left the last years stems on. It helps if you can mulch the crown with dead leaves, bracken etc.

The exception is if you have one of the hedging fuchsias such as Magellanica, which should be OK to leave alone where you live.

25 Nov, 2012


Thanks everyone,
By 'standard' I do mean 'normal'

25 Nov, 2012


Oops, I hadn't seen the photos!

25 Nov, 2012


Do nothing till Spring .

27 Nov, 2012

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