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Where to buy Camomile plants


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me where I can buy camomile plants(low growing plants) to plant in the lawn? I haven't been able to find any in the garden centres around Shirley Croydon-they all belong to a chain. Will plants be available now (Sept)? Any help would be appreciated



Did you look in the herb section? That's where they usually are. But if you want enough for a lawn, might be better to check online, could be cheaper.

24 Sep, 2009


yes bamboo is right, i have some for sale in my GC in the herb section.

24 Sep, 2009


You need to watch out with camomile - there are two kinds. You can buy seed for the taller"herb" kind (although of course they are both herbs) in any garden centre.

If you want the one that can be used instead of grass for lawn cover that one apparently cannot be grown from seed but has to come as a rooted plug.. Search on line for Treneague and also dwarf camomile.

Doubtless someone will correct me if I am wrong but this is what I found out when I was searching for it last year :-)

24 Sep, 2009


I think you'll find they won't be available until next spring. You definitely want Camomile Treneague, as Cestina says. You can buy camomile turf but it costs an arm and a leg.

25 Sep, 2009


I had been planning to plant it amongst block paving, removing some of the blocks in order to do so. However, before I bought it, I saw some in my sister-in-law's garden and discovered that the roots spread visibly above the ground which would not have worked for where I wanted it. I had planned on something that would clump neatly in the spaces allocated and smell nice when trodden on.

I didn't like the way hers looked at all.

25 Sep, 2009



25 Sep, 2009


I gave up the idea in the end - it's a paved area in front of the house which in theory can also have cars on it. So have just planted up giant containers on it that can be shoved to one side

25 Sep, 2009

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