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Wild roses


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

have been told they are wild roses at the front of my house,
Now we moved here in November last year, so not sure how long they have been where they are.

Are they toughies and would they survive a move?
want to swop there space for some climbers up the front of my house

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Depends on their size to some degree. If you can get as much root out as possible (roses usually just have a couple of thick roots that don't branch much) and maybe cut them back quite hard, they probably will move. Maybe re-plant with some Rootgrow (microrhizal friendly fungus) to get them away.

25 Sep, 2009


Mookins are they wild rose or old roses gone raggedy? if you cut them right down to a couple of shoots etc you may find have something worth keeping?

25 Sep, 2009


Well good luck with trying to move them - the roots usually go down to Australia! That doesn't mean they won't survive if you keep as much intact as possible - but it does mean you're likely to get regrowth from any deep roots left in the ground in the original position, so I'd treat with SBK or similar anything left behind if you move the roses to a new position.

25 Sep, 2009

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