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not sure what kind, seems to be acacia/tree type that should have yellow flowers. Purchased about 2ft high. Care of mimosa

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Have a mimosa now about 3 years old & kept in cold greenhouse. This has never flowered and is now touching top of greenhouse - approx. 7ft - more like a small tree! Can I prune it? when? and how can I encourage it to flower? Live in North Cumbria - cold & wet!! thanks



Hello Merry

Just to clarify things, are you talking about the houseplant Mimosa (Sensitivity Plant) or the tree Mimosa (Acacia)?

25 Sep, 2009


I had one of these which grew quite large. Tried it outside and in the greenhouse but it also never flowered.
Ended up in the compost bin!

25 Sep, 2009


Are you talking about the houseplant or tree, Celandine?

They are completely different and therefore have different requirements.

25 Sep, 2009

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