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Growing climbers through shrubs


By Elo15e

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! I'm just considering buying some climbers (prob clematis) through various shrubs and wondering if anyone can give me any pointers at all. If I put a clematis with lovely big flowers through something like a 4/5 foot pittosporum will it strangle it? Also, if I get something growing though a hedge - how do you manage cutting the hedge AND the climber?
Many thanks for looking!



No to the first question !
It won't strangle it, i do what you're thinking of doing and it works very well.

Secondly, you would trim/cut the hedge when the Clematis had been cut back down.
If you've cut back your Clematis in the late winter/early spring (as a lot require) cut the hedge then, if you cut the Clematis after it's started shooting you may lose that years flowers.

25 Sep, 2009


Your only option is to make sure you choose a prune group 3 clematis, one of the later flowering jackmanni hybrids. These need cutting down by mid February to about 8 inches from the ground, so will give you a chance, in April/May, to cut back the Pittosporum. You will not, though, be able to cut it back again later in the year without going very, very carefully round the clematis.

25 Sep, 2009


Topiary would be unsuitable !
(sorry, that's my silly side showing!)

25 Sep, 2009


Be careful to match the vigour of your climber to its host. For example, clematis montana is a thug and will kill anything that is not big, well established and able to look after itself. Something like C.cartmanii 'Joe' may be more suitable for a five foot high shrub

25 Sep, 2009


Thank you! That's all really useful. I'll take a look at that those Bamboo and Andrew. Love your photos Louise!

28 Sep, 2009


Thank you Elo :))

28 Sep, 2009

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