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Is my orchid in trouble?


By Fluff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I need the orchid experts among you! My orchid has flowered for months & months non-stop but now there are no more buds & the last 3 inches of the stem have turned brown.
The compost is gently damp & the leaves look nice & green & healthy with a new one coming on...should I cut the stem back or leave it? Is it ok or going into a decline?!




mine have done this. cut the stem out and in time a new flower stalk with buds will form. the leaves look very healthy too.

25 Sep, 2009


Thanks Seaburn...good to hear from you...Do I cut the stem right back to the base or to the bit that's still green?

25 Sep, 2009


go to the green bit as sometimes new flower shooys form from the still green stem.

25 Sep, 2009


Oh lord I've done both - cut back and left alone. Due to the weight of the flowers cutting back is usually better :-)

25 Sep, 2009


Okey dokey that's what I'll do then! Thank you both.

25 Sep, 2009


Cut just above the bottom little flap, Fluff. If a new stem doesn't appear soon - give the plant the 'shock' treatment! Move it to a room 5-8 degrees cooler than its usual place - leave it there for 3 weeks and then bring it back.

Oh, and sometimes the new stem appears from between the leaves!

It works for me!

25 Sep, 2009


Ok Spritz thanks. I'll banish it to the spare room window sill if it needs shocking!

25 Sep, 2009


Good luck...xx

25 Sep, 2009

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