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What raspberry varieties are resistant to root rot (phytophthora?)


By Davidl

United Kingdom Gb

I planted several varieties of raspberries in fresh soil 3 years ago (Tulameen, Glen Ample, Glen Magna & Heritage). Unfortunately 1 variety (Tulameen) was already infected when purchased, and this has now spread to the others. I have no other space available, and the soil is now infected, so if I plant more raspberries, they must be fully resistant to root rot. What varieties can be recommended?



Try Glen Cova- pretty resistant by all accounts!
You should never plant a different raspberry in another one's spot(for 6 years or more) since after about 8 years they all succumb to virus and the dcline can start a lot earlier if sickly to start with.

In your case you have been very unlucky with the Tulameen. I would not plant in that same spot again as the spores of that fungal disease will stay for quite awhile. The soil will have to be repaced or treated chemically with antifungal agents or whatever. Better still try a large container until you get your soil bed clean again of disease.

26 Sep, 2009

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