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Another weed?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

This is everywhere, though not this big. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid of it?




If this has brown, wirey roots then I think it may be a type of sorrel. It is a weed and all you can do is to keep weeding it out.

26 Sep, 2009


If it's sorrel, can't you eat it? I think it's used a lot in France. If you get a positive i.d you may be pleased to have it :-) On the other hand, I know nothing so don't poison yourself;-( I'll swap you for my celandine whatever it is :-))

26 Sep, 2009


Common Sorrel is a perennial clump forming so can be removed easily.
Sheeps Sorrel will spread over large area use Glyphosate to eradicate if in lawn look for specific weed killer.

26 Sep, 2009


It's Sheep's Sorrel, trust me! You only use Common sorrel for eating, not this one.

26 Sep, 2009


Thanks everyone. Where do these things come from, it wasn't here last year - birds maybe?

27 Sep, 2009

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