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I have put my pointseeter outside it is doing great. Should I cover it in winter. It is now sept and it is still doing great. I would like to see if it turns red outside then cover it. What do you think?

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This is the first season it has been outside. I really would like to see if continues to do so well. It will turn red in Nov, just don't know if it is safe to leave it uncoverd till it turns and then cover it.


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If I remember correctly you actually have to keep your poinsettia in the dark for 2 to 3 weeks before it will turn red again. I wouldn't recommend leaving out over winter, unless you are in a very mild part of the States.

26 Sep, 2009


poinsettias are trees. if you insouth then goodluckcover it in 15yr time. haha

26 Sep, 2009


Derekf Sorry Poinsettias are not trees they are plants... and in the UK are house plants. In somewhere like Spain they are used as a bedding plant!

26 Sep, 2009


this euphorbia is houseplant uin uk,but in eqautor areas it is very big tree. i find photo for you andput in my photos. many plnts in uk are completly diffarent in thereown nabitats.

27 Sep, 2009


that is true Derekf!

27 Sep, 2009

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