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Bird of Paridise

Missouri, United States Us

I brought a Bird of Paradise back from Hawaii in 2006, it has grown over 7 foot tall, not bushy and has not bloomed yet, I need guidance on how to care for it.



The plant grown here as a houseplant is Strelitzia reginae - there are other varieties though, and as yours came from Hawaii, it might perhaps be a different one.
These plants usually take 4-6 years to flower, and a mature plant in a 10 inch pot should be 3-4 feet high, so yours is very tall indeed, which is why I wonder if its the same variety. On the other hand, weak light might cause it to get much taller - they like very, very bright conditions, with shade from hot summer sun, and temperatures of 55-60 degrees F in winter. I don't know if you've been able to meet those requirements, and also am not sure you have the usual variety of what is known as Bird of Paradise.

26 Sep, 2009

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