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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

When do I dig up my Parsnips and Leeks



As you need them through out the Winter. They will stay happily in the ground over the season. Unless the leeks are ones like Hannibal which is an autumn one.
We do dig up some parsnips if a hard frost is forecast, but that is only because it is difficult to get them out when the ground is frozen.

26 Sep, 2009


i have always lifted them as and when i have wanted to cook them. parsnips like sprouts seem to taste better after a frost, or is it just imagination?

26 Sep, 2009


Not imagination, Sbg, unless we all have the same peculiar brains! The longer they can stay in the ground the sweeter they taste.
True, actualy, as the starches are being transformed into sugars.

26 Sep, 2009


If you do have to dig them up before frost, blanching and freezing them has the same effect of sweetening the roots as leaving the parsnips to the frosts.

27 Sep, 2009


Thanks for all the answers about parsnips............I will leave them in and wait longer for the F f f f frosts. Will be worth the wait to get better tasting parsnips yum.

27 Sep, 2009

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