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Dear Friends,
What do i do to roses for the winter.Mine have now finished flowering and i wanted to get them ready for winter



In November I cut my roses down in size by Half. Mine are tall and as I don't know the height of yours I would say reduce them so that there is at least 12 inches above ground. If they are patio roses just trim them to create a good shape. Make sure when you do, that the buds that you leave are facing out, away from the centre of the plant. If they are Hybrid tea or Floribunda roses (Old English roses are Floribunda for pruning purposes) cutting them down prevents them from being damaged by the wind during the Winter. In March I prune to shape the plants. I cut out any dead wood to a new bud that is growing outwards. I clean away any dead leaves from around the base of the plant and spray all my roses against blackspot. (Repeat this throughout the season as advised on the product label.) One week after the first spraying I generously feed the plants with a rose fertilser. Follow the instructions on the packet. I also spray my roses with a product that is supposed to improve the flowering potential of the plant. I don't know if it works but roses are gorgeous.(Well I think that they are.)
Hope that this helps

27 Sep, 2009


depends on which type. i remove dead damaged wood november-ish. the bush/shrub roses I leave til march then prune down to the last 3 buds with the topmost one facing outwards.
the rambling rose gets tied in october and pruned properly in feb. then i tie in new growth horizontal as and when the stems are long enough.

27 Sep, 2009

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