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We are presently staying in Palm Springs California .There are several trees on the ground where we stay blooming yellow. This is one of them..... is it Tabebuia?
And if it is which one?
Thank you in advance.

On plant Tabebuia?




Its a Chrysotricha, and I only know because I looked up the picture on this site - I'm no expert. It is a beautiful tree.

27 Nov, 2012


Thank you Cammomile. I am confused about this tree . Tabebuia Chrysotricha is what is in Mexico called Primavera....and these trees are huge. This is a small tree and because the grounds are very mature here I thought it might be a cousin of Primavera. Probably just a young one then.
Now my next qestion: is Cybistax donnel-smithii same tree as Tabebuia Chrysotricha? and how about Tabebuia argentea and Tabebuia caraiba ? is there any difference between these spieces?

I agree, a beautiful tree.

28 Nov, 2012


Pass! Try Tugbrethil, he lives in Arizona and is great with trees. Just enter his name in the search box top right.

28 Nov, 2012


Thanks again Cammomile, I think I got my answer in the other thread.

29 Nov, 2012


Sorry I'm so late checking in. I've been having trouble getting on the internet lately. The pinnate leaves and apparently long-lived inflorescence tell me that it is a Tecoma of some kind. Probably a 'Sierra Sunrise', judging by the color of the flowers and shape of leaflets, though there are several other varieties that might fit. Hope this helps, Klahanie.

27 Dec, 2012


Thanks Tugbrethil,
Could be. I do not think it was Tabebuia Chrysotricha even though the flowers looked somewhat similar. The Tecoma spicies seems to be much smaller tree and so was this.
Thanks again.

28 Dec, 2012


They are in the same family, hence the similarity of flowers, but the leaves of the Tabebuia are palmate, instead of pinnate, and they only bloom for a few weeks in the spring, so the inflorescences don't get long, with many scars where flowers used to be.

31 Dec, 2012


Thanks, We learn something every day.
Have a good day and all the best in the New Year Tugbrethil.

31 Dec, 2012


Happy New Year to you, too, Klahanie

1 Jan, 2013

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