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Will my grapes grow?

Massachusetts, United States Us

I have a grape plant growing and little sucker babies started growing around the plant. Well, for fun I took one of them and planted it in separate pot and it started to grow. well, now this plant is about 6 inches high with lots ofbushy leaves, and the main stalk of the plant has a sort of bark to it but not quite. Can I transplant into another pot and save for next year?



Of course you can. But does it need repotting so near to winter? As long as the pot is a reasonable size the plant will be better in that until spring. Otherwise it will sit in a lot of cold compost all winter. The roots won't fill the new pot and drink any water that is in the sides and you may get roots rotting off. I'd leave it til Spring. ( Sorry this reply is so late)

1 Oct, 2009


Thanks but I already repotted it thinking that there is still one month left of half decent weather( supposed to be 72 degrees F) and for the next three after that so I guess I'll just wait and see.

1 Oct, 2009

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