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growing cacti from seed?


By Blah13

belfast, United Kingdom Gb

A while ago in Barcelona i bought 2 pks of cacti seeds have planted the seeds and some have began to appear. Does anyone know should i be doing anything in particular to help them along ???



Good light and relatively well watered though it is perhaps getting a bit late in the year, however, keep them on a bright windowsill (not necessarily in the sun) and they will be fine.

By next spring, they can be carefully shaken apart (or teased apart) and potted up individually. After a years full seasons growth, they can start their first drying off during winter with just the occasional watering, say once a month.

During the growing season (April to July roughly), water regularly as you would any other houseplant with a week ten days between a good soak.

I'm guessing that they are the "usual mix" of easy species rather than some obscure high altitude Bolivian species that turns it feet up at the first overwatering? Lol.

28 Sep, 2009


Thats brilliant Fractal thank you. Wish me luck :-))

28 Sep, 2009



29 Sep, 2009

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