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trailing pansies

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what distance apart should i place in a window box. and how many to a 14" basket .thank you.



Depends on the size of the pansies, really, or on the size of their rootballs, to be specific. In a 14 inch basket, you should certainly be able to get 8 minimum with large rootballs, and 12 with small rootballs. In a windowbox, if that's all you're putting in it, cram them in - 2 inches apart. By the way, pansies don't trail as such - they sometimes flop over when they're old and leggy, but otherwise should be upright. If you want something to trail, add small ivies to your planting.

29 Sep, 2009


I'm awaiting the arrival of my order off 'Friolina' trailing pansies Bamboo, said to be 'new' and were also shown on Gardeners World being planted. They do look to be actually trailing plants - we shall see!

29 Sep, 2009


I stand corrected, Lily2! Be sure and take a pic when they're in full fig, please - I'd like to see what they look like.

29 Sep, 2009


Will do Bamboo, that's if they ever get here. Had to do a lot of chasing up when they didn't arrive, I was told they would 're-send' them this week........

29 Sep, 2009


Where did you order from Lily ??
Have been thinking about ordering same but I keep wondering is it too late in the year .

29 Sep, 2009


I did it through a magazine offer in Garden Answers but they are coming from a nursery called M R Nurseries, you can find them on google. If they are re-sending mine then they obviously still have them in stock. It was 3 each of 4 colours for £14.99 inc pp I think (not cheap but different - I hope!)

30 Sep, 2009


Thanks for that Lily, did google it but did not appear to be any there.
Maybe will wait till spring now.

Have yours turned up yet ?

2 Oct, 2009


NO Val they haven't ! I had an email early on Monday saying they would resend this week so tomorrow (Sat) is the last day I can hope for them to come. I'm getting really cross now as I think I'm being fobbed off. I have seen them in another plant catalogue, Parkers I think, you could try them. Good luck.

2 Oct, 2009


Yes Lily I would be getting cross too !!!
Seen them in" Amateur Gardening "from Gardening Direct
=£11.99 for 10 plants , free p&p.

Very tempted, ----trouble is spent so much recently!!!! but then gardening gets you like that--------- what say you.?
Hope yours come tomorrow.

2 Oct, 2009


Nothing come today Val so am now about to send stroppy email!!
Glad to see the price per plant works out about the same elsewhere. I'll have a look on Gardening Direct to see if they still have any, thanks.

3 Oct, 2009


Lily, just been on Gard, Direct and you know what they were on offer -----HALF PRICE --- wow !!!!
So had to buy some didn't I !!!!!!

3 Oct, 2009


Right then I'm off there too NOW.....stroppy email hasn't happened yet as I got detained by GOY so it will now be a cancelling stroppy email! Thanks for the info.

3 Oct, 2009


Looks like you got in there just in time Val, as sold out when I got there :o((( Oh well, maybe next year.

3 Oct, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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