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By Beegee

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

when do i cut hydrangers down ? they are getting stragely and blocking the path thanks for any advice



You can cut these back now if they're getting out of control, but you wont get any flowers next year, cut some shoots right back, and leave others a bit longer, until you get the shape you're looking for, take out any dead, diseased, or crossing branches completely, Derek.

29 Nov, 2012


I tend to leave everything on....even the old flower heads, they are supposed to protect the new shoots from the cold.
I,d take off the ones causing a problem and leave the others until spring.....

29 Nov, 2012


or when you have pruned them use some form of plant ring Y stake to keep the plant supported.

30 Nov, 2012


I agree with Pamg. I leave on the old flower heads until next year so I would only trim what is necessary

1 Dec, 2012


I agree!, but leaving the flower heads, and doing the usual prune, is not going to stop them from being straggly, and blocking the path, they therefore need a more drastic prune, Derek.

1 Dec, 2012

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