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cycad excuse my spelling

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

what is the best way to keep a chycad over the winter months please ive got all my other semi - tropical plants sorted .this did survive last winter with its frost but it didnt like it.its ok but it has some yellow parts to some leaves.all my others i tie up round the growing tip and they are floureshing.obviously this didnt work with my chycad so i coverd it in was its first winter in and it was quite a cold one.any advice would be brilliant thank you. ow and i have 2 predetory plants .the ones that hold water the name eludes me at the moment.when if even i should should i stop watering them . it sais on the label good for down to minus 20 degrees below freezing .again some advice would be great.also be nice to know if winter is the best time like most plants to repot these.thanx again




Cycads- Its always best to bring them in ver winter and to keep them frost free.
Better o repot them in the spring, as they do little growing over colder periods and will only sit in new compost which wil;l hold water that they dont particularly need at this time of year. Bring them indoors away form drafts, heat sources, and mist them regularly as home temperatures in winter are dry and warm, Not good for plants.

29 Sep, 2009


thanx so much nicky

29 Sep, 2009


must hav brihgt lightwhne grow in house, but donot nrxt spring pit insun. shade first then graduly sun, orleaf will bleech. anythin below 5C mustbe dry soil.
beware, it is poson to human if edgeof leef cutskin.
prefer 30-35C in summer,so grenhose is bestbet forgood grow.

29 Sep, 2009


thanx derek ive already pricked myself with it i thaught it hurt lol

29 Sep, 2009


you msutbe carful, prick may be ok, buta cut mihgt putyo uin hospitel. oh, bythe way, it propern ame is Cycas revoluta, not Cycad. very slow grow,an dmay not live to longin norfolk, to cold. good luck thouhg.

30 Sep, 2009


thanx so much derek ill be very carefull

30 Sep, 2009

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