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Has anyone heard of ''''?


By Blah13

belfast, United Kingdom Gb

I get the odd newsletter from these people (can't remember if i signed up) but they seem to have some fantastic offers all the time. Narcissus Replete (pink double flower) £7.99 for 12 bulbs. Naecissus Poeticus(white double flower and fragrant) £9.99 for 15 bulbs. Im abit weary of putting my card details down on these things but they look so beautiful. Should i go for it or what?? take the chance



yes I have bought things on line from them this year ' afraid I can not recomend there stuff or that you will get exatly what you send for but they are a cosher firm.and your details will be safe.

29 Sep, 2009


Hi Blah :)
Yes I've heard of them....and yes I get their catalogues and emails. They do sell top quality bulbs....but they're a bit too pricey for me. I have used them once or twice, and I found them to be a reputable, if expensive, company. BUT you get what you pay for...

29 Sep, 2009


Thanks guys. :-)) Just that they look so pretty and to be sure before i went ahead and got them

29 Sep, 2009


~ordered a load of plants from them last year of which most were delivered late and not in that good condition~wouldn't buy from them again!

29 Sep, 2009


Hi' Crazydi I beg to differ I was sent a substute which was rubbish and when I conplained they sent me a £10.00voucher that cano't be used on line even though it has a cerail number on it,as I said your details are ok ,but I will not be useing them agine.

29 Sep, 2009

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