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What to plant with Tulips?

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I have 210 bulbs coming in October from Holland. Tulip gardens are beautiful but I'm concerned that after spring the area will look terrible and full of half dead leaves. Any suggestions for what to plant with them? Any suggestions for design to last through the summer would be wonderful. I live in zone 1-2 (central Saskatchewan, Canada).



Ooohh what a lovely thought.....210 tulips! But I know what you mean about the tatty foliage that remains after flowering....I grow my tulips in pots, then shift them out of the way to die down after flowering.
Wallflowers are a classic combination though, and will stay green well after their flowers have gone over. Or you could surround your tulips with an edging of hardy geraniums....

29 Sep, 2009


Agree with Crazydi always plant wallflowers with tulips as flower at same time.

29 Sep, 2009


How many?! Are you planting them all by hand?? Good luck!
I am doing mine in pots as I think they look nice on their own - but I understand why you would want to cover the leaves. How about something like Hardy Geraniums, or even more formal like box or hebe which is everygreen and covers a multitude of sins.

29 Sep, 2009


I'm desperately trying to think of something that will look good that will be okay in Zone 1-2 (Freezing!) cos a lot of the stuff we grow here in Zone 8 just won't cut the mustard. Have to do a bit of research and get back to you, Jen

29 Sep, 2009


I don't think wallflowers are an option in your zone, but here's a list of things that might cope:-
Aquilegia (columbine)
Lamium maculatum
Lobularia maritima (sweet alyssum, annual)
Lavatera trimestris (mallow, annual)
and Primulas (I think - I know they cope in Zone 4 in pots)
Most of the above say zone 3, but in pots, so should cope with zone 2 in the ground (I hope!)

29 Sep, 2009


If you plant your tulips in pots, then when they have finished flowering you can move them out of the way. It avoids the problem of bulbs planted in beds.

29 Sep, 2009


210 bulbs would be an awful lot of pots Jonathan?

29 Sep, 2009


This is so exciting. I've been tormenting myself and you are all very helpful. I was confused by the term wallflower. I was thinking something that grew on walls or a poor sad child at a highschool dance. I guess if it doesn't grow here that would explain things. I'm really novice at this whole gardening thing. I usually put it in the ground and cross my fingers.

Many of the things that zone 8 people grow as perennial, grow here as annual.

The 210 bulbs are a souvenir from Holland. Sometimes things that sounds like a great idea when on holidays just don't sound the same when you're thinking about the actual labour.

So it sounds like put something tall in the back. I'll have to measure out how much space 2x 20 square feet is as that is how much space the websites suggest for that many bulbs. I have a very tall cedar in one bed and might plant them there as the soil is soft there. Then plant something the is colourful and blooms later in some of the spaces between the grouping of tulips.

Thanks again everyone. Any other tips will be appreciated.

30 Sep, 2009

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