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Is my Aeonium alright?

WALES, United Kingdom Gb

Since I bought this beauty for half price from a local garden centre and planted it in this pot, it has grown substantially - this is a pic of when I first got it.

It has grwon considerably and now tilts to one side and I was wondering if the stem will hld it okay? It can be pushed back and fore as the stem seems quite flexible.

Is this right and will it be okay? It certainly seems to be flourishing but just worried about the rigidity of the plant which seems to have disappeared.




Cannot help Oddbillie but what a beauty.

29 Sep, 2009


thanks D.

You should see it now. Grown so much it's unreal and it was on it's last legs when I picked him up!!

Nice feeling when you 'rescue' something isn't it?

Hope you're well.

29 Sep, 2009


Yes its very rewarding when you are able to save something. I am very well enjoying this last bit of summer so much.

29 Sep, 2009


No idea either I'm afraid Dan but it certainly looks healthy now. Where are all the 'experts'?

30 Sep, 2009


Actually Oddbillie looks like a house leek on steroids what have you been feeding it?
Is it a lanzarote giant house leek or Aeonium nobile (Noble Giant Houseleek)

30 Sep, 2009


I'm wondering if you've overfed and overwatered it - these plants don't require much in the way of food or water, and an excess will encourage soft, sappy growth. They should have quite woody stems which are reasonably strong. As you've nursed it back to health, could that be the explanation?

30 Sep, 2009


Ask Sandra, she's an Aeonium specialist but may not see your question.

30 Sep, 2009


You may be right Bamboo!

Do you mean Sanbaz, Wagger?

30 Sep, 2009


No - Sandra (that's her id.)in Pembrokeshire,

1 Oct, 2009


no not me Dan, just sandra she has lots of these type of plants, like wagger said she would probably know

1 Oct, 2009


Oh right...sorry!

I know who you're talking about so will PM her.

Thnaks guys!

1 Oct, 2009


hi Oddbillie
i think Bamboo may be right. to much kindness and these plants through it all back at you....
a photo of how it looks now would help.
the other thing that could be wrong is the dreaded vine weevil. the only way the check is to tip the pot out. if its been growing well then it should have lots of roots in the pot. if it all just crumbles look for little white maggots...let me know...

2 Oct, 2009


I've posted a blog with some pics on Sandra if you could take a look.


2 Oct, 2009

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