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Daffodil bulbs


By Swampyg

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Everyone here is so helpful and you know I am an amateur so I will be asking very basic questions. Got some big daffodil bulbs - is it okay to plant say three times deep the length of the bulb, but in a front garden which has clay soil, the top of which has slate, and it gets little sun. Please advise. Thanks!



All will be okay, except for the slate - I'm slightly concerned it may block out enough light for the bulbs not to sense the daylight above. I assume you mean slate chippings, rather than a solid layer, of course, so as long as its not too thick a layer, it'll probably be okay. usual advice for planting bulbs is planting depth should be the equivalent of twice the depth of the bulb itself.
Just want to say ask away, basic questions or not - you got to start somewhere;-)

30 Sep, 2009


Thanks Bamboo. Yes it is slate chippings and you are right, I have got to start somewhere :0)

30 Sep, 2009


Keep asking questions... it is the way we all learned!

30 Sep, 2009


Your front garden is not the 'ideal' site for the bulbs but they should do OK. In a clay soil such as you describe you might want to add a handful of grit under each bulb so that it is not sitting in water.

1 Oct, 2009


How about a nice Oriental Hellebore too, they do well in shady spots and have attractive foliage too. They are also very well behaved!

1 Oct, 2009

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