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layer of stones?


By Blah13

belfast, United Kingdom Gb

I forgot to ask yesterday before the compost would it be a good idea to put a layer of small stones in first to help with drainage in cases of heavy rain




Hiya that would be a good idea it would certainly help with drainage. must say it's taking shape now, you have been working hard.

1 Oct, 2009


yes stones are a good idear! but a better one is get your fork out and brake the bottom to the depth of the fork,leave it rough,it will hold water but out of harms way it will stop your plants being dround , but the plants will be able to get at it, nice clean hole by the way , ex infantry or what.

1 Oct, 2009


Thank you.Its coming along nicely just alot of elbow grease This weekend should really see it come together. I hope :-))

1 Oct, 2009


As Cliffo points out, the bottom of the trench looks a bit solid. If you can break it up with a fork then that would help. I looks as if there is a lot of compacted stone down there anyway.

1 Oct, 2009


I agree with Cliffo break up the bottom with a fork

1 Oct, 2009


sounds good. Yeah there is alot of stone down there it near killed me trying to get thru it but all worth it :-)

1 Oct, 2009


Didnt see what you asked yesterday? Hate to say this but this bed looks very shallow to me? or is it for lawn? If not I would suggest the beds need to be dug to 1 to 2 spades deep if you want anything to grow for more than a year

1 Oct, 2009


that was my first impresion but after studing it for some time it looks to be at least a spade deep, and rember he is puting a box on top so he will have at least two spades,

1 Oct, 2009

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