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By Jonah13

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it normal for bergenia leaves to die back come early winter? Or, are their leaves fully evergreen and should they look equally well in green all year round? Advice appreciated.



many of mine do die off and some leaves stay on all year. I think it depends on the variety to some extent. As long as the plants have some leaves there is nothing to worry about.

1 Dec, 2012


hi jonah 13 all my bergenia leaves stay pretty much evergreen all year get the odd one dying just snip it off hope some one can tell you whats going on with yours

1 Dec, 2012


When I wash my car in the Spring I throw the water onto my nearby Bergenia, it encourages them to flower.

2 Dec, 2012


Hi Everyone. Just testing to see if I can reply.

14 Dec, 2012


Oh, what a relief. Technical problem solved at last it seems.

14 Dec, 2012

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