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My plants are very leggy and and failed to flower this year, should I prune them?



I think these can be a bit tender, so may need winter protection - therefore, pruning now is not a good idea. Wait for the foliage to die down - you might want to leave it in place as a bit of extra cover for the winter.

1 Oct, 2009


Daisiboots, could it be you#ve fed them with too much nitrogen, maybe tomato feed would have been best. I too have heard that they are slightly tender but mine always survive even in my heavy soil. I too don't cut the tops off 'till spring.

1 Oct, 2009


my penstemons are as tough as old boots. but i tend to prune in the spring nless i want to take cuttings now.

1 Oct, 2009


It's a good idea to take cuttings anyway! I just pop them into water - they root easily in there - and then I pot them up when the rootball is big enough.

The ones I took last year have all flowered, so why not try that?

1 Oct, 2009


I never knew they would root in water Spritz, thanks for the tip, I'm going out today to snip some more :)))))))))
I always prune mine back when all risk of frost has gone, the old top growth protects them from bad weather

2 Oct, 2009


Yes, I totally agree, Grindle. That's just what I do! -))

2 Oct, 2009

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