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my new patio is good 6 inches higher than my lawn. Is there anyway I can build up my lawn to be level with the patio.

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Not too keen on laying a new lawn, dont mind using grass seeds.



Hello Lawn raker, if your patio is solid ie, stone, could you cut and roll back the turf as far as possible, back-fill with soil and roll the the turf back over it. If it's made of wood you would need some sort of a barrier to prevent damp.

2 Oct, 2009


Even if you raise it with soil likely to go bumpy and sink anyway as you would have to do the whole lot.
1)You could put a flower bed (slightly sloping toward grass) between the two?
2) You could sink a green plastic edging along the the lawn to retain it (remove a strip of lawn) and put a row of coloured stone, shingle, or colour glass chippings between the patio and the edging again slightly sloping depending how wide you coud put pots in among the stones.
3) remove a strip of lawn and replace with camomile that shouid disguise the height difference. Good luck.

2 Oct, 2009


A change of level can be an attractive feature. I would take out maybe 18 inches of the lawn (or more depending on the size of your garden) and use a curve rather than a straight line, and put down gravel over a membrane. Then cut a few holes and plant a few ornamental grasses - Hakenechloa would look great.

3 Oct, 2009

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