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Plz sugest me... I want to creat a lawn on terace. I colectd soil, build boundrys of wooden planks n poured soil in it to avoid flow off of soil when waterd bt the height of the soil is jst mor than a half foot....can i grow grass to creat lawn if yes, which grass is suitabl so that its root depth is les than half foot?



I don't think your soil is deep enough. Even in the UK you would need more depth than that unless you were going to water every day and feed regularly.

1 Dec, 2012


Everyone says that, but the grass on much of our Pergola path is on 2 inches of soil over brick rubble. Never watered or fed the stuff either and it grows the same as anywhere else. Obviously the deeper the better and 12 inches is more like.

1 Dec, 2012


I think you will just have to get some ordinary grass seed and try it out Vivek. If you live in an area with long dry spells you might have trouble keeping it alive but grass often grows quite happily in unexpected places. If it won't grow after a good length of time then you might have to think of alternatives.

2 Dec, 2012


I know that Bermudagrass or St. Augustine will do well on just 6" of soil, though they will need frequent watering and feeding. One thing to consider is what is under the soil--i.e., pavement; poor, compacted soil; bedrock; average soil; etc.

4 Dec, 2012

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