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Hello, help needed.

I have recently purchased some Butterfly larvae,(clouded yellow) they came feeding on Coronilla, he assured me they also feed on Red Clover but not feeding well, I have tried all garden centres in my area but not plant.
Is their anyone with this plant that would send a small root so i could plant for the caterpillars to feed.

Please help.


On plant Not sure



According to one of my books, Lucerne is a favourite (another Legume). How long do you think the larvae will survive until you manage to find food for them? I would just go out and about and find somewhere that any clover grows. Try them on that even though it is nearly always white clover. You could also try sprouting seeds of Alfalfa? Green manure seed often has several types of Legume in their mixes. A bit late but you could have these up and running for the larvae next time you get some.

2 Oct, 2009


Just noticed your online name, you don't have any peas growing in your garden or allotment?

2 Oct, 2009


Hi, pleased you are trying to help the Clouded Yellow. My books say they feed on lucerne, clovers, related peaflowers and vetches. If you are able to get out into the countryside you will find plenty of clovers and vetches. I'd pick a reasonable quantity and let the caterpillars choose! Have you a neighbour with very late sweetpeas or everlasting pea? Might be worth a try!

2 Oct, 2009

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