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What colour will my hollyhocks be?

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently planted some hollyhock seeds given to me by my Mum...she said that in their first year they were red and white, but the second year they came up pink!! Anyone got any idea what colours I can expect from them next year?



I have and like them, something old fashioned about them. they remind me of my childhood and that makes them very old fashioned. I don't think there's any way you can tell what colour they'll turn out to be. Some plants like Snapdragons Roses ect. offer a clue in the foliage. Because they 're so tall it's not easy to leave them in a pot for the first flowering. When I find one that's the wrong colour I dig it up in late Autumn and swap it for the right colour.

2 Oct, 2009


About seven years ago I planted a peach holly hock which was lovely never saw it again but every year I get a self seeder in its place and its always pinky. I dont think you can tell what will come up Barbatella.

2 Oct, 2009


Sorry Barbarella, It depends on where you get the seeds. They are usually the colour of the mother plant. I have many different colours that are the same each year and often give friends seeds and they always grow the same colour as my plant.

3 Oct, 2009


It's hard to predict. Sometimes they revert to a darker colour and sometimes they stay the light colour you want.

3 Oct, 2009


They also cross poillinate with other colours, so you wont always get the same colour come back

4 Oct, 2009

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