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how should i plant my pansies???

maryland, United States Us

i jus got them sitting in the cantainers in my house should i plant them now??

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Yes I've planted mine out to give them a chance to get going before the weather changes.

2 Oct, 2009


Yes, if you are lucky enough to be able to fork your soil (many of us have too-dry soil right now), plant them now and water them well. Don't wait!

3 Oct, 2009


Yes. I am doing mine today

3 Oct, 2009


If you can bear to, pinching off all the flowers and buds on them now will allow the roots to establish and they will flower better later

3 Oct, 2009


Oooh, Wagger! I just couldn't! I know it's sensible, but how cruel! lol.

3 Oct, 2009


It's amazing how quickly they come back though, Spritz. They only sell them with flowers on because it increases sales so much - GCs know every marketing ploy there is!

3 Oct, 2009


I know - and to be honest, I prefer to see which colour I'm buying - me and my colour schemes!

3 Oct, 2009


Well, they do put labels in

3 Oct, 2009


SOME do - and others are just marked as 'mixed pansies/violas' - they may or may not be what I'm after. I hate it when one of a pastel group flowers orange!

3 Oct, 2009


I like to see what colour they are before buying and planting then I pinch them all off once planted.

3 Oct, 2009


See Spritz? Denise pinches :<)

3 Oct, 2009


I know, I know, but I simply CAN'T...LOL.

4 Oct, 2009


I think its a good time to plant them out and then water them abit to keep the roots moist

4 Oct, 2009

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