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I plan to plant a few copper beeches to form an attractive hedge, but my husband thinks they'll be slow-growing. How long is it likely to be before they reach 10 feet?


By Buzzbub

United Kingdom Gb

Its purpose is to enhance the end of the garden, planting in front of snowbush and brambles which have been cut back. We live in Hertfordshire; soil is alkaline/neutral.



4 to 5 years given the right treatment. Do not overfeed with nitrogen, they may revert to green.

3 Oct, 2009


you could ofcourse buy bigger specimins in the first place and still copy what doctor bob sais as hes the man as far as growing is of the smartest things ive sean is in a maassive garden in a statley home they built a wire real size house.they then grew beach trees round it trimming and training them round the windows and looked brilliant

3 Oct, 2009

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