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my helmond pillar is not a pillar can I prune it !! how !!

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growing in very large pot --- 3ft pot. plant 4ftabove . branches bending over taking up too much space .do I need to wrap twine or something like that around it . I live in the highlands ., The pot is in a sheltered spot near to an upright 8" pipe taking hot air from dryer in laundry room

On plant berberis thunbergii



What is a helmond pillar ? I'm intrigued !

3 Oct, 2009


Did you buy it from Afghanistan?

3 Oct, 2009


berberis thunberg or helmond piller' sorry a more experanced person will have to take over' that is as far as I got.

3 Oct, 2009


Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Helmond Pillar'
Yes you can though usually requires minimal pruning. Cut back any straggly stems that spoil the shape in late autumn or winter. Sounds as if your forcing it in the laundry room ? Its fully hardy and needs to be outside in full sun or partial shade to perform as it should.

3 Oct, 2009


I don't like the idea of the hot air on it! I have one in shade that bends a bit too. Try putting twine round to train it to grow together. Also, a cane at the back to tie the twine to might help.

3 Oct, 2009


I've got this growing in a garden in the open, north facing, open to the elements, now 5 feet high, straight as a die. I reckon the hot air pipe nearby will be causing the plant some problems - is it possible to move it elsewhere?

3 Oct, 2009

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