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I have white fly on my vegetables

Can't seem to control the white fly on my vegetables this year any ideas please



I don't know if this would help, if you have a lot - but French Marigolds keep them at bay in my greenhouse. I think it's the 'scent' of them (I hate it too!)

Maybe you could plant some for next year? They do germinate quite easily, or of course you can buy them as plants. Too late now, I know.

4 Oct, 2009


I grew French Marigolds in my greenhouse, thinking they would keep whitefly off my tomatoes, but I had clouds of the little horrors! The only way I got rid of them was to put the tomatoes outside and leave the marigolds inside! I tried to coax some passing ladybirds but I think they were overwhelmed!

4 Oct, 2009


Oh dear. My French Marigolds have worked for the last three years - before that, I had whitefly in there...They are horrible little pests!

4 Oct, 2009

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